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SNP- Labour

With polling sites predicting an SNP ‘yellow wash’ in Scotland (Nicola Sturgeon’s Party are predicted to take somewhere in the region of 55 seats north of the border) talk has turned to the prospect of an SNP- Labour coalition or confidence and supply agreement.

This piece in the New Statesman

suggests that the prospect of Salmond influencing government south of the border may be enough to drive swing voters into the arms of the Tories.

The picture also has interesting echoes of the David Steel puppet in Spitting Image…



The problems of FPTP are well documented- the wasted votes, the safe seats, the penalties against the minor parties. However perhaps the most extreme problem is that you can loose and still win.. 1929, 1951, 1974…

This very interesting psephological piece from the LSE examines these elections and whether or not it could happen again…

Does Parliament Matter?

The uproar over it’s current state of repair suggests that in one sense it definitely does.

However this lecture by Meg Russell from UCL explores the topic more fully. Any question on the relevance or functions of Parliament in Unit 2 would be enhanced greatly by this material.

Parliament is Falling Down

Well- that might be a little bit of an overstatement but according to John Bercow, Pugin’s Neo- Gothic masterpiece is a little worse for wear at the moment, and in need of an extensive, expensive and disrupted maintenance programme.

This has prompted a series of articles looking at what we want from a modern parliament and what improvements could be made- interesting Unit 2 reading from the perspective of Parliamentary reform.