LSE General Election Blog

You should be used to reading pieces from the LSE Politics Blog on this site as I post things quite frequently.
They have however launched a separate sub ‘General Election 2015’ site which makes for really interesting reading.

I would recommend following it independently- but here are some of my favourite recent posts from the site:

This piece on voter turnout is interesting- participation (or the lack of) is a key topic area for Unit 1 Democracy questions. This piece is looking at whether or not turn out is likely to go up or not in 2015, and what factors might be at play.

We have spent quite a lot of time looking at the factors that make people vote in certain ways- we have looked at class, gender, race. But this piece suggests that age is going to be an important trend in 2015. We have mentioned before the power of the ‘Grey Vote’ because of their willingness to turn out and the importance of older people to the Conservatives and UKIP was clear when we looked at their membership data. This piece gives some good statistical examples of these trends:

Finally this piece on potential records that could be set in 2015 is interesting- predominantly focusing on record low voter shares for the major parties, these records (if they are broken) will be a reflection of the declining share of votes held by the two major parties.


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