Civil Liberties

The subject of civil liberties is included within the judiciary topic. Since 9/11 governments in the Western world have battled to chart a course between the needs of national security and the constitutional traditions and requirements that preserve civil liberties in a liberal democracy.

New Labour’s record on civil liberties was harshly criticised with detention without trial, proposals for ID cards and the creation of a surveillance society being highlighted by pressure groups such as Liberty and the opposition parties.

The small ‘l’ liberalism of both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties was evident in their 2010 manifestos with both parties discussing a desire to return to an era where civil liberties were more clearly protected.

However, the pressures of office have seen the coalition also limiting civil liberties particularly in the wake of the threat posed in recent months by ISIS in the Middle East.

This piece gives a good review of the coalitions record on Civil Liberties.


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