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Reevaluating Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown’s premiership has not generally been thought of in a positive light. However when the Scottish MP announced his retirement from the Commons, there seems to have been an outpouring of affection for the Iron Chancellor. A man who was clearly temperamentally unsuited to the top job, has in every other respect had an illustrious political career. It seems that this reappraisal has also extended as far as his premiership, which while overshadowed by the dominance of his predecessor- is perhaps not as disastrous as it felt to many in 2010. This piece from the LSE Blog examines the positives of the Brown era.


Votes for 16 Year Olds

The LSE Politics blog has brought together a range of experts, and data to examine whether or not giving votes to 16 year olds is a good idea.

This topic has previously come up as a 10 mark question for Unit 1 and would form a paragraph if you are responding to a 25 mark question asking how democracy in the UK could be improved. Therefore it is important that you have an answer. Historically questions on this topic are answered badly, as candidates get ‘on their soapbox’ about 16 year olds being able to join the army etc. These arguments are not very effective and are certainly less effective than the ones highlighted here.