When Harry met… Owen Jones

Owen Jones, author of Chavs and the Establishment interviewed 91 year old Harry Leslie, author of Harry’s Last Stand.

Harry is a spirited nonogenerian who survived the war in the RAF and lived through the Great Depression- his book is an account of a life time of thoughts and wisdom that he thought he would share with the world while he still can.

Jones’ final question to Harry was ‘What message would you give to my generation?’ And Harry’s response makes interesting reading in relation to the democracy topic.

“First of all, I would suggest that voting should be made compulsory, and until it is, what they have to do is get up off their arses and go to cast their vote. If they don’t like any of the people who are on the ballot, spoil the ballot! Spoiled ballots are counted too, they might not realise it – and if the government comes to power and finds only 37% of the people are voting for them and the rest are saying, “Shit on you!” maybe there’ll be some changes.”


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