And then there were two

UKIP have secured a second MP. While Douglas Carswell’s victory was a landmark for UKIP- ultimately the unusual but likeable MP, was always likely to achieve reelection in Clacton, a seat whose aged, white working class population chimes perfectly with UKIPs demographic.

Mark Reckless’ success in Rochester and Strood was a bigger surprise. The seat was UKIP’s target number 271- however in spite of the electoral odds being stacked against them- Nigel Farage now has 2MPs in the commons.

Here are some of the best UKIP stories from the last few days:

We all know that UKIP has a tendency to attract older voters (even older than the Conservatives…) but it seems they are keen to gain support from younger voters

This post on the LSE blog predicts the impact of UKIP’s success on British politics more generally

Owen Jones meanwhile in the guardian explores the idea that UKIP’s rhetoric chimes with the working classes in spite of their right wing attitudes towards Europe and immigration

Finally Lord Ashcroft (Tory party donor and architect of the Take Your Seat campaign- focusing on marginals in 2010) suggests that UKIP has made predicted the general election result next year as the pendulum politics beloved of those who try to work uniform swing calculations into seat by seat outcomes has clearly ground to a halt


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