By Election Success

UKIP have finally got an elected MP after months of riding high in the polls and strong showings in recent local elections the result in Clacton on Thursday has finally given UKIP the presence in the House of Commons they craved.

The election result is interesting for several reasons:

1) It brings another minor party into the House of Commons, adding to the view that Britain now has a multiparty system, with 7 parties from the mainland (not including the NI parties) now represented in the House of Commons it is hard to argue against this view.

2) It is a good example of a classic by- election protest vote. Normally the Lib Dems have benefitted from this anti- politics, anti government sentiment but now UKIP appear to be the beneficiaries.

3) Carswell scored a resounding 60% of the vote cast, this is highly unusual in modern British politics, as the break down of the two party system has ensured that British politicians rarely gain a majority in elections.

In many ways the result in Manchester was more interesting, Carswell was a popular local MP who had defected in a Tory stronghold. Events in the North demonstrated that UKIP could not only take votes from the Conservatives but also from Labour. UKIP came with 600 votes of gaining two MPs on Thursday.

There has been extensive coverage in the press over the weekend of these events, the pick of the articles includes:


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