What about England?

We have already discussed the asymmetrical nature of the current devolution settlement in the UK. If there is a ‘no’ vote on Thursday and DevoMax is introduced in Scotland the unevenness of the settlement will become even more exaggerated. The net loser in the current system is England, and the English Democrats have long been campaigning (albeit not very successfully) for an English Parliament. Labour supported the notion of Regional Assemblies in their 1997, 2001 and 2005 manifestos although in reality the defeat of John Prescott’s proposal for devolution to the North East in the Great North Vote marked the practical end of this policy.

However in light of the Scottish devolution debate the IPPR has revisited the subject producing a report suggesting the devolution of a range of functions from central government to Britain’s major Northern cities.

This piece from the BBC explains the recommendations in the IPPR report and Nick Clegg’s support for this policy. As the Deputy Prime Minister Stated ‘the cat is out of the devolution



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