Scottish Referendum: The Pendulem Turns

One story dominated the weekend news agenda. For the first time the ‘yes’ campaign posted a lead in the opinion polls. The lead was a narrow 51:49 but it marked a turning point in the campaign.

With the campaign swinging away from the ‘Better together campaign’ since the second televised debate the gravity of the situation is being noted in the press.

This isn’t just another news story; this will potentially shake the constitutional fabric of a nation that has stood in its present guise for centuries. The significance of this story not only to the referendums topic we are studying at the moment but also to the constitution topic in Unit 2 cannot be overstated.

The pick of the press coverage can be found below:

This piece in the Guardian suggests the gravitas of events

This is a basic- everything you need to know Q&A on the referendum

The New Statesman also offers some interesting thoughts:

This piece suggests that saying ‘goodbye’ to Scotland may have benefits for us

While this article discusses Osborne’s somewhat reactionary pledge to offer DevoMax as a compromise. Devomax would see the powers devolved to Scotland in 1998 increased. Scotland would remain in the Union but would have more power over it’s own policy.


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