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EU Elections 2014- The Rise of UKIP

Now that the dust has settled on the EU elections and the hysteria generated by UKIPs not unexpected victory and Joey Barton’s rather unconventional QT appeareance has calmed down.

It now seems sensible to look at the results and the real implications for UK politics. What does UKIP’s victory mean for the party system, the 2015 General election and the differing electoral systems used in the UK.

There have been some excellent articles published in recent weeks about the election.

A good summary of the results can be found on the Guardian website

The LSE blog is suitably circumspect about the rise of UKIP and has several good posts on the topic.

This one explains why FPTP will block UKIP translating their strong showing in the Westminster elections in 2015.

While ‘How do you solve a problem like Nigel’ suggests that the mainstream parties should look to Austria for inspiration in how to deal with Eurosceptic parties.

Some of the best can be found below: