Vote Blue Go Green… Or not

In 2006 David Cameron, pictured in the Artic with a husky promised that a Conservative government would be the greenest ever and the ‘Vote blue go green’ slogan combined with the rebranded oak tree logo appealed to herald a new era of environmental consciousness for the Conservative party. Historically environmentalism in Britain had been an issue focused on by centre- left parties. However, now it seemed to have moved into the mainstream of the centre right as well.

However, since 2010 it is evident that the Conservatives have not really lived up to the Green credentials on display the day David Cameron made his policy announcement.

However you could argue that today was the day the Conservative ‘green’ husky finally died when it was announced that the party would not subsidise wind farms if they won the next election. This failure to invest in renewable energy is seen by many as a return to the old days of ‘profit first, environment second’ economic planning.

This announcement has also driven a wedge between the coalition partners on the issue of energy as the Liberal Democracts are keen to invest in renewable technologies.


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