Comment and Analysis- Budget 2014

There is a range of responses to the Budget in today’s press. The tone of the articles tends to fit with the political predispositions of the papers in question…

The pick of the analysis can be found in the following articles:

Vote Blue Get Grey?
This is a budget that is very pro- pensioner. This should come as no surprise to the psephologists amongst you. Not only are pensioners more likely to vote than under 30s they are extremely likely to vote Conservative. Pleasing the ‘grey vote’ is essential for a party looking to win in 2015.

An end to coalition?
Despite the praise levelled at the Chancellor from sectors of the media the Telegraph rightly thinks the Conservative’s could struggle to win a majority in the 2015 election. If you look at the electoral maths this does seem likely with a profusion of safe seats and an electoral system that is arguably no longer fit for purpose as the stranglehold of the two major parties continues to look fragile, David might need to continue his friendship with Nick for five more years…

Finally the LSE Politics blog can always be relied upon for some measured interesting analysis- it’s ‘Experts React’ page can be found here:


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